How To Use This Calculator

Fill in all the white squares with the relevant information, fuel prices are in dollars, for example if petrol is currently $1.25 per litre you should enter 1.25, if autogas is currently 39c/L then you should enter 0.39.  Prices include GST. If you do not know the fuel consumption of your vehicle you can find this on your vehicle manufacturer’s website, in your owners manual or alternatively use the following as a guide.

Light 4 cylinder 12 L/100km
Heavy 4 cylinder 13 L/100km
Light 6 cylinder 15 L/100km
Heavy 6 cylinder 18 L/100km
Heavy V8 20 L/100km



Savings Calculator
  Per Annum Distance Travelled km
  Petrol Consumption litres/100km
  Petrol Price Per Litre ($)
  Autogas Price Per Litre ($)
  Annual Petrol Consumption 0 litres
  Annual Petrol Cost $0.00
  Autogas Consumption 0.000 litres/100 km
  Annual Autogas Consumption 0.00 litres
  Annual Autogas Cost $0.00
  Annual Savings $0.00
  Cost Of System ($)
  Conversion Costs Recouped In 0.0 months
  Weekly Savings $0.00
  Environmental Benefits
  You will be reducing greenhouse gasses by around 10%
  and C02 emissions by around: 0.00 kg



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