During the combustion cycle of an engine, different fuels give toxic greenhouse gases and consequently they have different impacts on public health.
The most critical of these gasses are:

Carbon Monoxide (CO)
 Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
 Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx)
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) or Hydrocarbons (H

The table below shows that vehicles using LPG emit the lowest levels of greenhouse gases.


Recently the World LP Gas Association commissioned an in depth study titled ‘health effects and costs of vehicle emissions’ and found that LPG powered vehicles had significantly lower environmental and health impacts than petrol, diesel and other alternative fuels
Visit www.worldlpgas.com to learn more

Generally speaking compared to petrol LPG vehicles emit:
75% less Carbon Monoxide
85% less Hydrocarbons
40% less Oxides of Nitrogen
87% less Ozone forming potential
10% less Carbon Dioxide

Generally speaking compared to Diesel LPG vehicles emit:

90% less Particulates
90% less Oxides of Nitrogen
70% less Ozone forming potential
60% less Carbon Dioxide

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